The Right Hat for a Newborn

little-knight-newborn-hatWhen it comes time to dress a newborn baby, not just any hat will do. The hat is important, as any older person will be happy to point out. It’s especially important when taking the baby outside, as part of the baby’s skull has not yet closed and there is an open space under the skin where cold air can have a detrimental effect.

The hat is a vital accessory for any newborn, but finding the right one can be troublesome. Shopping newborn baby clothes at some place like newborn baby clothes gives the consumer lots of options, but they will quickly find out that not all babies are the same size when it comes to hats. Hats don’t always come in the right size for each baby, meaning that picking out a fitting one is often guesswork if the baby isn’t present to test it on.

Often, the best fit is found with the hats the hospital leaves for the baby. If possible, new parents should try to get as many of these hats as they are allowed to take. Just asking for a few extra won’t always be met with a resounding “no”, and it can be worth it to have hats that fit the baby.

Now, not all babies are going to fit snugly into those hats and some will do just fine with stylish newborn baby clothes choices that look and feel great. There’s no harm in shopping for hats for the new child if they can fit into them. But every parent needs to see for themselves what will work for their baby.

In colder climates, shopping for something large and warm for the baby’s head is essential. There’s definitely a trend toward more hat buying in places that are farther north, and it make sense, because the babies there need more protection from the elements.

Finding the right hat will take some experimentation from any parent, but simply knowing that not all babies will fit into the same hat size will go a long way toward helping them make the right choices for their newborn.